Truck Lube, Diesel Service, & Engine Repair



Trak-ta-Lube Preventative Maintenance (PM) employs the A, B, C, D Service Level schedule. Level A includes the most basic and most frequent level of PM services while level D consists of more complicated services performed less frequently.

Level A – Conducted at 3,000-mile intervals

  • Change oil and filter
  • Inspect tires and electrical system
  • Service all fluid levels
  • Lubricate chassis and doors
  • Check A/C, hoses, fire extinguishers, belts, brakes, and lights
  • Test drive and check for any body damage

Level B – Conducted at 12,000-mile intervals

  • Includes all items in level A
  • Transmission fluid and filter change
  • Check coolant (specific gravity, and pH)

Level C – Conducted at 24,000-mile intervals

  • Includes all items in levels A and B
  • Change fuel filter
  • Perform complete engine tune-up
  • Test engine compression
  • Replace air filter
  • Drain and refill differential lubricant

Level D – Conducted at 48,000-mile intervals

  • Includes all items in levels A, B, and C
  • Inspection and repack of wheel bearings
  • Inspect braking system

TRAK-TA-LUBE uses genuine OEM commercial truck parts and products.

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